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Heritage Public School


Excellence in Academics

Our young minds are provide with a comprehensive academic curriculum supported by system of instructions that encourages the thought process and reasoning, which makes children logical, analytical, creative, innovative and communicative.
All our teachers are well qualified, experienced, Enthusiastic and committed to welfare of children. They are trained as per CBSE Guide Lines.
The teaching practices at Heritage Public School, Vrindavan is activity based where the emphasis is to cater and develop unique talent and interest of each child.

Sports and Co-curricular Activities

The school has facilities for various types of games and sports (both indoors and outdoors). The school has lush green Football Ground, standard size Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Badminton Court, Table tennis hall, Skating facility.
The school follows a pre-planned, pre-defined activity calendar for various co-curricular events such as Inter-house competitions, Saturday Events, Christmas Carnival, Lohari Celebration, Rock Sports Adventure camp, Swimming pool activities, Drawing, Painting classes and regular Yoga classes.

World classBoarding facility

Heritage Public School, Vrindavan has all boys boarding hostel. Our boarding education is aimed at Indian boys from all over India and overseas. It is therefore able to inculcate India’s rich and diverse history, heritage and tradition in its pupils.
The school is secular and thus is open to boys from all states, socio-economic backgrounds, castes and religions.
It is able to specialize in the education of boys aged 12–18 years and resource it accordingly.

Play Room

Probably, the most beautiful room for children to indulge in indoor recreation.

Play Areas

As kids love to play, throw, catch balls, run about, jump and dive and simply be themselves, we have created a Ball Pool filled with balls of myriad colors.

Child Development Center

This colorful center provides children all the tools and aids which foster their all round development.


An auditorium with a stage is an integral part of the school where children are encouraged to perform in front of an audience which boosts up their confidence and they shed off all their inhibitions at an early age.


This is the place where the talents of children are discovered and honed. Music sessions, dance classes, craft workshops and painting sessions are conducted in this beautifully set up center.

Splash Pool

A child friendly baby pool is the most enjoyed facility in summers. Utmost care is taken to maintain a high standard of hygiene and also ensure safety of children.

Toy Train

We have a very special Toy Train for kids to educate as well as entertained.


1. Computer lab
2. Science lab


A child friendly Swings in our school to entertain our school students.


We have See-Saw for students which is under the supervision of teachers.